5 Fabulous Website Design Ideas in 2022

Website design ideas that will inspire you to step up your website game

If you aren’t sure what to do with your website, whether giving it an update or starting from scratch, look no further. From the novel to the simple, I will talk you through five companies that have the website design ideas in 2022, and explain what makes them a cut above the rest, leaving you with the inspiration you need to create a stunning website. 


Spotify is the king of personalisation. Personalised content can help you convert more of your website visitors to customers, by offering a product or experience that the individual finds valuable. Personalisation helps build your customer base’s trust in your product by showing them that you genuinely care about their experience. Personalisation is equally beneficial to you – it can help you to build an understanding of what is popular with customers and tailor your services in that way. The most obvious way in which Spotify achieves this is by having clever algorithms built into their website. These are high-tech features that allow Spotify to suggest new artists or compile targeted playlists for their customers. When December rolls around, my Instagram feed is flooded with people sharing their Spotify “wrapped”. This is when Spotify compiles a user’s data into a fun graphic slideshow – and makes it easy to share with the touch of a button. Don’t already use Spotify? Then you miss the chance to join in the trend, and so, Spotify increases its customer base. 

Spotify wrapped personalisation
Spotify’s wrapped feature is one example of how it produces valuable, shareable experiences for its website users.


I find that the cosmetic industry knows what it is doing when it comes to website design, with sleek and personalised websites being the norm. Glossier’s website does two things well, and if you take nothing else from this article, I urge you to do the same. Firstly, this website is aesthetically pleasing. A pretty website is more important than you think, with 94% of people basing a company’s credibility on website design alone. What makes this one work is its minimalist approach. A crowded website doesn’t focus your customer’s attention, nor give a very professional finish. Choose a colour palette that works and stick to it, like Glossier uses black, white and pink. Secondly, Glossier allows their products to shine. You don’t have to have any e-commerce for this to be successful on your website. Glossier places its product images and purchasing methods clearly at the forefront of their website, in attractive settings.

Glossier website design
Glossier does beautiful websites right, with sleek showcasing of their product.


Sometimes a company isn’t afraid to do something different, and it works massively. Cyclemon is an example of this, and I am not the first person to praise its clever design. This bike shop has chosen to go with bold, engaging graphics alongside profiles they have designed for their bikes. They’ve transformed the usually dull experience of shopping for a bike into something unique and as filled with personality as their customers, and this gets traffic racing (excuse the pun) over to their site. Showcasing your skills and personality is going to help visitors decide if you are the right fit for them, and can sometimes be just the thing to tip the scale in your favour in an otherwise bland market. Sites like this aren’t without risk – a novelty is just that, and can get old fast –  but innovation can also have huge payoffs, and mark you out as a leader in your field. If you’re playing it a bit more safely, the same principle stands. Your website should define clearly why your offer stands above others like it. Remember, your website exists ultimately as a huge marketing tool for you, and new and abstract ways of delivering it can be necessary. 

Cyclemon bike profile
Gangsta bikes? Cyclemon profiles its product into fun, interactive packages.


This is a popular customer relations management tool, but they also run a killer blog. Hubspot has nailed key metrics when it comes to creating content for their website. The articles they write offer value to their target audience – as a marketing assistant, I’ve found an answer to my question more than once through Hubspot’s blog. They know their stuff too – the articles they write can be trusted as industry expert writing. Finally, the blog is consistent. That means the articles are up to date and regular, to keep people coming back for more. Why does content matter though? Why should you be prioritising it for your website? Blogs show potential customers that you are trustworthy and an authority in your field. Content is both a lure and a gift to visitors to your website, who can stumble across your website whilst searching for answers to a question you have written about – a bit like you, maybe searching “website design inspiration” and landing on this blog. There are lots of more technical benefits to adding content into your website, that essentially relate to your website getting higher up in search engine rankings as a result of this trust and authority. 

Hubspot blog homepage
Hubspot offers informed, valuable and consistent content to their audience.

Duttons Chester

I couldn’t write this article without including a local option. Chester bar and restaurant Duttons follows a number of excellent design principles and mirrors features discussed from websites of much bigger companies with much larger budgets. Duttons showcases how a smaller or independent business is still able to turn out a website that is highly functional from the user perspective, and aesthetically pleasing. The muted colour palette, elegant fonts and the use of sliding, full screen images give this website a “luxury” and professional sheen. A high standard of images, like the ones Duttons are using, are hugely impactful when used sparingly in this way. Whilst I can’t speculate about the design of this website specifically, it is entirely possible for you to achieve a beautiful and accessible website without the use of a 5-figure website design expert. WordPress, a software that allows you to essentially “drag and drop” edit your own website, can be used to achieve results like the one below, proving that budget doesn’t have to be a constraint – see our blog on why you should consider WordPress for your website.

Duttons Chester website design
Dutton’s Chester shows us how a smaller business doesn’t have to equal less impact.

If you’re finding yourself thinking that you need a bit of support to create a website now you’ve looked through these website design ideas, look no further than mmunic. At mmunic, we are able to design high-quality and bespoke websites at competitive prices. Get in touch today for a quote.

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