April Social Media Trends to watch out for

April trends on social media mostly match what you expect to see in offline marketing – zeroing in on the change of season and excitement for summer. But there are a few new things to look out for when planning your content for the month…

Taking the time this April to make sure your social media keeps on top of this season’s trends will make sure your brand stays in tune with your customer’s priorities of the moment. To help you out, I’ll take you through the trends you need to be aware of to make the most of April – from Easter to Earth Day. I am a huge advocate for planning your content in advance, ensuring you have more free time to tuck into your Easter Chocolate stash. 

Read on for a pit-stop tour through the month of April – get your planners ready!

Spring Forward with your promotions

Spring has sprung – the great weather we have been seeing means that typical summer best sellers are now spring best sellers. You can take advantage of this in two ways. Take note of your inventory – is there anything you could promote sooner rather than later? Think outdoors products, new wardrobes fit for sunnier days and spring cleaning. This time of year also tends to symbolise “new” for a lot of people and a fresh start with the change in season. Put out posts and stories that highlight to your audience how you are meeting their needs in the warmer weather, and then signpost them to your website or service.

Hawarden Estate Experience Instagram spring post

You can also adapt your social media aesthetic for that spring vibe. Pastel colour palettes have a huge surge in popularity around this time of year, along with florals and more outdoors-based content.Think sun, picnics and parks. Design-wise, there’s been a rise in the use of a bright, fun and clean aesthetic which is only growing. I’ve included a few of my favourite examples to use as inspiration below.

Easter Enterprise 

Now for the big one – Easter. Take advantage of the holiday: 62% of people in the UK will be spending money on products for Easter. And it’s not just about the product. Use relevant hashtags to get your content noticed around this time of year – #easter being the most popular of course. 

The biggest social media trend you might see this April is the classic ‘Easter opening hours’ post – but for some brands it might be more pertinent to share this information through other channels. Just make sure you clearly communicate with your customers how and if your service availability will change for something like the long bank holiday weekend. An email newsletter is an ideal channel to get that message out (of course, if you’re not sure where to start, we can help with that

Key dates to watch out for

April also has a fair share of national holidays that are aimed at increasing awareness around social issues – and if you’ve been watching the news lately, I’m sure you know that it is more important than ever to make our customers mindful of what we’re doing to contribute to a solution. April 2nd marks National Autism day, and the 22nd Earth day. Use these holidays to consider what your business is doing to promote an inclusive or conscientious environment. And to keep in line with social media trends this April, share it! Be proud of your contribution – and you might just inspire others to do the same. Today, shoppers are much more aware of the values that the brands they buy promote, and seek to align them with their own values. For example, last Earth day mmunic shared with our followers how to improve the carbon footprint of your brand.

Platform Updates

Now time for the more technical stuff. The social media trends you see this April will be affected by a couple of updates across social media platforms, although nothing major. TikTok continues to see huge growth as a platform and some consider it a better way to grow a following organically compared to other popular platforms like Instagram – and is expanding its stories feature this month, making the two even more similar. Check out accounts like Ryanair and Duolingo for great examples of how to stay relevant. 

Video format continues to be a great way to boost your engagement. Reels on Instagram are an example of this: consider making a few this month and see how they perform compared to your usual content – you might be pleasantly surprised. Check out our instagram account @mmunicltd to see our Day in the life reel for an example. 

This might also be a good time to evaluate your ads too – Meta (the newly-branded owner of Facebook and Instagram) has announced that its ads will rely more on AI learning to make sure your ads are promoted to the most relevant users of its platforms as much as possible. Hopefully, this means increased engagement performance for your ads this month. Hootsuite‘s guide on creating optimum Facebook ads is great for help with this.

April social media trends? Nailed

And there it is – your April social media trends in a nutshell. Keeping these themes and dates in mind this month will hopefully give you some inspiration for your socials and beyond. If you still aren’t sure where to start, mmunic is here throughout April and all year round. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you make the most out of your content. 

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