mmunic – What’s in a name?

Or more to the point, where did the name mmunic come from and how do you say it?

Understandably, we often get asked how to pronounce the name mmunic and what it means, as it doesn’t exactly make it very clear who we are, or what we do. Well, for all who are interested, as a mmunic veteran I’d like to explain the meaning behind our name, why we chose it and while I have your attention, a little bit of background about mmunic.

Then – 2007

Picture the UK in 2007: Tony Blair was Prime Minister, the first iPhone has just been released by Steve Jobs, and a fresh-faced Rihanna has been number one for an impressive ten weeks with Umbrella. Coincidentally or not, it’s also the wettest summer that the United Kingdom has ever recorded. Thanks, RiRi!

In other momentous news, more and more businesses in 2007 were developing new ways of doing business by making a digital transformation with their operations. This made things more affordable, easier to use, and exceptionally more effective for business owners. It was also the perfect time for four people to set up a digital marketing agency in a little office within the Chester Business park, and we decided to call ourselves, mmunic. 

What does mmunic mean?

We get asked this a lot. Pronounced myoo-nik, we chose this name as we are the centre of communication, definitely not because we are bringing our services to you from a city in Germany or because we enjoy hearing you getting tongue-tied over the phone. We are simply taking the middle bit out of the word communication, that’s what our name means the centre of communication. Also because we are rebels we’ve broken the age-old English rule of having an initial capital letter on a name. 

Back then, we started out specialising in email marketing with our own personalised, hand-coded platform, helping businesses reach out to customers via attractive eye-catching emails that hit the inbox and reach prospects and employees with a newsletter-style email. The platform contained three main modern analytics tools which comprised of;  the user being able to view and download who had and hadn’t opened their email, and who had clicked on a link within the email. Oh, how things have changed!

mmunic name

Our studio quickly grew and was soon filled with graphic designers, developers, email marketing specialists, marketers and copywriters, all specialists in their field to make sure your email not only look beautiful but reaches the inbox and hit the right audience. However, the thing that made us stand out most was the personal touch, our named account managers walked our customers through the whole process and offered free remote training and support as standard to all our clients.

Digital marketing’s evolution continued to spiral out of control, and with it, new huge corporations appeared to pop up around us from all sides of the globe. MailChimp, DotDigital (formerly Dotmailer) and Emma just to name a few, became giants of the email marketing world with their million-dollar platforms and stood at the forefront of email marketing. If you were working within the digital marketing field you were tasked with staying on top of the latest developments and features to keep up with the big boys! 

With this in mind, mmunic made some major changes in 2015. We developed the platform into a more intuitive, easier-to-use ‘drag n drop’ system with exceptionally impressive analytics, testing, automation and development tools to name just a few. It evolved into a one-stop-shop for all email marketers of every skill level, containing everything needed to either make a start within email marketing or switch to us to continue your already established digital marketing strategy and was named: mmunicMail

But we didn’t stop there…

2022 – Now

Seven Prime ministers later, a major pandemic, Brexit, and Rihanna is no longer waving her magic umbrella around to ruin UK summers as she’s too busy being a billionaire with her own immensely successful beauty and fashion line. Thanks, RiRi!

mmunic also came a long way.  We never stopped evolving our services and understanding your goals. On top of all the new technology and offerings which are constantly being brought to your table, we still have our free training and support which has always made us stand out from the rest right from the very beginning.

We will always continue to bring you the latest in digital technology, so why not check out our home page and sign-up for our monthly newsletter? If you prefer a more personal touch then you can call us on 01244 893 177 to speak to one of our team and arrange a remote walk-through of our platform so we can show you just exactly what we can do for your business.

We look forward to hearing from you and in the words of FatBoy Slim – You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby (ask your mum).

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