Top Marketing Podcasts to inspire your marketing journey

A good marketing podcast allows listeners insight into valuable conversations with experts that push us to think or learn. They benefit from being easy to digest and follow – pop in your headphones on the train or on your coffee break and go! This is a great way to engage with learning in the field without spending hours trawling through books or blogs.

Since their launch on Spotify in only 2018, podcasts have seen exponential growth in popularity on platforms such as Spotify and Apple (on which they launched in 2012). However, this also means that podcasts have grown in number. How will you know which are worth listening to? A search for marketing podcasts will bring up thousands. Luckily, myself and the team here at mmunic have scoured through these to bring you the best podcasts for marketing in 2022. I’ve highlighted why each of these podcasts is worth your time – they boast great hosts, inspirational guests, snappy or simply niche advice. 

Whether you’re just starting out on your marketing journey, or you’re a seasoned veteran – the podcasts on this list cover everything from the basics to current trends. 

Marketing School with Neil Patel & Eric Sui – Best all rounder

Neil Patel is a favourite here at mmunic for the unrivalled professional advice on his blog. This translates into hundreds of hours worth of podcasts with Eric Sui, CEO of digital marketing agency Single Grain. Basically – these are tried and tested experts. 

The best thing about the Marketing School podcast is how short the episodes are – around 10 minutes long. This makes it a great option if you don’t have an hour spare to listen, because episodes get to the most important message quickly and clearly. This podcast goes into the mechanics of every marketing topic you can think of – right up to the most current subjects like NFT’s.

Duct Tape Marketing – Best marketing podcast for small businesses

This podcast takes an interview style format – with thought leaders and marketing experts  invited to talk each episode. Hosted by successful marketer and influencer John Janstch, this podcast is an extension of his consultancy firm by the same name. Duct Tape Marketing earns brownie points with me for being part of the HubSpot podcast network – HubSpot is a reliable and exhaustive source for all things marketing advice.

This is my best pick for small businesses as it covers basics, like building a brand and a strategy, as well as more holistic marketing tips such as successful networking.

Girls in Marketing – Best podcast for industry newbies

This marketing podcast has been great for me starting out my career as an apprentice marketer. Girls in Marketing is an online initiative aiming to decrease the digital skills gap between men and women, and upskill women who are in the marketing field to achieve more senior positions. 

This podcast consults inspiring leaders in specific and exciting industries that often seem difficult to break into, like beauty, fashion and the arts, to talk about their careers. This podcast deserves acclaim, however, for the way it covers broader employability skills – such as leadership and setting boundaries in the workplace. This makes it a great option for people just starting up in their marketing careers (or looking to empower themselves in any workplace!)

The Science of Social Media from Buffer – Best marketing podcast for social media specifics

It’s in the name – this podcast covers the statistics and practical reasoning behind social media marketing. You can be sure that this advice is sound. Coming from credible social media management tool, Buffer, this marketing podcast gets into the specifics of social media: from how to write the best Instagram bios to the key to epic engagement on your posts. If you are trying to create a winning social media strategy, this could be your bag. They also regularly round up trending topics and changes to platforms that will help you stay ahead of the game.

Copyblogger FM – Best marketing podcast for practical advice on writing exceptional copy

Copy – some might consider it boring, but I love it. It refers to the words that make up our marketing: blogs, captions, adverts, even emails. It is essential to nail for any marketing campaign. However, we aren’t all natural wordsmiths,. Copyblogger FM is a long established source for copywriting tips. Their weekly episodes focus on in-depth analysis of news and updates from the week previous, so this podcast has the added benefit of being super relevant – their advice is something you can and should action straight away.

Perpetual Traffic – Best for lead generation

This one is a bit more niche, but let’s be honest, is what we all care about most: getting more traffic, and new leads, through our marketing efforts. Perpetual traffic focuses on using paid ads to do this, covering tools you might already be using or considering using, such as Facebook and Google Ads. If you have less experience with paid advertising, this is great as an easy-to-understand way to access the information. Most recently, they cover “How to run Google Ads on a shoestring budget”, just one example of how the wisdom imparted through this podcast is useful at any business size.

A world of exciting marketing podcasts awaits!

This is by no means an exhaustive list – there will be a marketing podcast touching on just about any area of the field you could consider. Want to focus on email marketing? I recommend Email Einstein, easy to understand advice from certified email marketing specialists (alternatively, just contact us at mmunic!). For SEO help, try the Search Engine Journal Show

An alternative podcast-finding strategy is to pick out someone you admire in marketing and do a bit of research – they are bound to have appeared on someone’s podcast somewhere! This highlights the importance of learning from each other and experts within marketing. Get in touch with us today at mmunic to hear about how we can help you.

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