Why choose mmunicMail as your email marketing software?

Or, what’s the best email marketing software out there – and why we believe it’s mmunicMail.

An email marketing platform is an online service that allows you to build, send and manage your email marketing campaigns. There are a lot of them to choose from! mmunicMail is one such platform.

So you might be left wondering – why choose mmunicMail over one of the other, more well known email marketing software? Not to blow our own trumpet, but we can answer that question for you easily. 

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so we’ve compared mmunicMail with the leading marketing competitor for your benefit below:

mmunicMail email marketing software vs Mailchimp

Our email marketing platform has the BEST level of service

mmunicMail, our email marketing platform gives a level of personalised service to our clients that is not provided with other market leaders. 

From email set up to delivery and everything in between, you get real people helping you. Mmunicmail email marketing specialists have extensive experience both with our platform and with delivering successful email campaigns for clients. 

The team is on-hand for clients throughout standard UK office hours, happy to guide you through the system over a video call if necessary and personally troubleshoot. We believe that this is more helpful for our clients than simply directing you to our help pages.

This is especially important if you are not confident with the technical settings required to foster a good email sender reputation. Good email marketing platforms are strict with enforcing authentication protocols, and whilst this is a positive, if you are unsure how to tackle this you risk your emails getting sent to spam.

mmunicMail is UK based (Chester) and has clients all across the country. We get some incredible feedback from our customers on how easy our email marketing system is to use and how proactive our customer service is. 

Our Pricing Structure is clear and is NEVER dependent on how many customers you have.

Pricing is only ever dependent on the amount of people you would like to send to and how often. You can have as many customers, as many lists, as many customer journeys, sign up forms, landing pages as you want. Even during your FREE trial!

This itself blows most of the competition out of the water, whose pricing is nearly always based on the number of emails you have, and the features that you want with any free account being so basic it’s rarely suitable for most businesses.

Imagine it, no limits on your email addresses, or customer lists, or any of our other features!

Whilst the use of mmunicMail does require a paid subscription after your free trial and we’re well aware that there are some ‘always free’ email marketing platforms out there, we truly believe we offer the best value. 

Starting at only £99 per month, mmunicMail gives you greater possibilities for your email marketing than the cheapest paid option of the market leader, with no ‘gating’ or price dependent features. 

Once you have the mmunicMail account, you are able to access all platform features, including valuable tools such as email automation. This topic is nothing new to us – read more about free versus paid accounts here.

When you sign up with a mmunicMail free trial, you’ll also be offered free system demonstrations to show you exactly how everything works and if needed 1-2-1 training. 

This means you can get straight into designing and sending your emails without the stress and aggravation of trying to find out for yourself how to use the system.  (See, it’s all about our customer service!)

Enhanced email sending performance for GREATER ROI (return on investment)

mmunicMail offers advanced checks to your campaigns viability, meaning that we do not allow you to send campaigns that are fatally flawed. 

What do we mean by fatally flawed campaigns?

Emails that don’t adhere to strict sending standards and that are likely to end up in someone’s SPAM at best, or at worst your list being blocked.

This means every email you send through mmunicMail ticks all of the boxes. 

We also have advanced reporting on campaign performance that does not come as standard with other leading email marketing platforms. For example, our extensive campaign reports integrate with commonly used platforms like Google Analytics, allowing you to really get to grips with how effective your campaigns are.

Super simple email design with EXTRA features

The mmunicMail template builder is simple to navigate. This is the same for most other email marketing platforms also – let’s be honest here, similar design features exist across most platforms. The difference is our level of customer support is much more personalised should you get stuck at any time.

For those users who are experienced and hoping to create beautiful, branded email marketing campaigns, mmunicMail offers extensive customisation options that do not necessarily come with other providers. 

One of our features that we’re most proud of is that there will never be mmunicMail branding on your sent campaigns, maintaining your brand integrity (even during your free trial).

mmunicMail accounts offer advanced design features such as email personalisation and dynamic content, and editable plain text versions of your campaigns as standard, both of which are proven to improve your campaign performance.

More than just email marketing

mmunicMail has excellent capability for allowing you to automate email campaigns. 

For those unfamiliar with this concept, that means that certain emails will be sent automatically to your email mailing list, based on whatever criteria you set up. Popular examples of this include sending a discount voucher before your customer’s birthday, a welcome email when they’ve joined your mailing list, or a ‘we miss you’ email to a previously loyal customer that hasn’t visited in a while.

This removes the need for you to go in and manually send all campaigns, saving you time. Whilst this is possible with other providers, our automation customer journeys are unlimited at our lowest price point, compared with limitations enforced by other mail providers. 

The mmunicMail platform has great integration capabilities with the most popular CRMs and other third party softwares that make campaign sending easier. 

Now you know why we believe we are the best email marketing platform out there, why not give us a try! 

It’s free, there’s no obligation and you get to speak to one of our team members who’ll set up your account and get you started.

If you are considering switching over from your current email marketing platform, or would like to chat more about the capabilities of mmunicMail, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a friendly member of our team for an informal discussion. 

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