Platform Features

mmunicMail is the perfect companion for both novice and experienced email marketers. Its friendly, easy to use interface and powerful features provide you and your team with the perfect set of tools for you and your team to build robust and methodical email campaigns.

Build emails without seeing a line of code

Designing beautiful, professional emails that are tailored to your brand and content is simple with mmunicMail’s drag & drop builder – and you won’t need any HTML or programming knowledge.

Drag and drop pre-coded, easily customisable content blocks onto your email canvas to make designing your emails a breeze.

Over 50% of people check their emails on mobile devices. Preview the mobile appearance of your emails straight in the Template Builder.

Use the Template Library to save and reuse your favourite templates, making getting your next email out that little bit easier.

Control the appearance of each content block, including headings, buttons and text.

Dynamically tailor the content in your individual emails by creating custom rules that set who receives what content.

Upload custom-coded HTML emails and use mmunicMail to check your code, add essential links, and personalise your emails.

It's easy to upload & manage your lists

Get effective tools designed to simplify list and contact management – and let continual monitoring, targeting and automated cleansing keep your data squeaky clean.

Create as many unique lists as you need and upload unlimited user records to each of them.

Easy importing lets you drag CSV and TXT files onto the screen for an instant preview of your list.

Alongside standard fields – such as email address, first name and last name – build up to 30 custom fields to your lists to make your data even richer.

Set up simple-yet-powerful rules to create targeted segments that filter user data, custom fields, and response activity information.

Control who gets auto-cleansed and when based on your results, keep your lists clean and putting a stop to repeatedly emailing bad data.

Seed Lists let you auto-add selected contacts to every campaign that you send.

Reports & analytics that will blow you away

The best email campaigns don’t stop after you’ve hit the Send button. See how well your emails are performing using real-time, interactive and downloadable reports covering every element of your campaign activity.

Monitor deliverability, response rate, engagement and reputation data with visual real-time analysis and reporting.

Discover the most popular open times for each campaign you send, with the help of in-depth response analysis.

Find out what percentage of your emails are being opened on desktop, web and mobile inboxes, and even which email clients your audience prefer.

Integrate mmunicMail with your Twitter and Facebook accounts to auto-generate direct links to your email campaigns.

IP address reports track where in the world your users are opening emails.

Discover the hotspots and not-spots of your email and download click reports of the most popular links and calls-to-action in your email.

Easily connect your Google Analytics account to mmunicMail with your UTM parameters.

Automation made easy

Automated emails (also called drip campaigns, triggered emails, or customer nurture sequences) are the most effective methods for delivering relevant email sequences based on your audience’s data and activities.

Automatically send welcome emails, booking confirmations, contact receipts and any other kind of transactional email.

Tailor your double opt-in process and emails to keep your data clean and your audience engaged.

Build visual workflows that trigger and end email sequences based on customised rules and conditions.

Create birthday and anniversary emails, or use custom dates to trigger personalised recurring emails.

Set up simple rules and codes in your email templates that tag users and send auto-responders.

Send and receive information and actions from other apps and software as users complete calls-to-action or hit key conversion goals.

Take advantage of Intelligent Sending

Intelligent Sending Mode utilises User engagement history in order to take a different approach to email delivery.

The primary objective of this feature is to reduce the number of bounced and filtered emails – which will naturally increase the potential for higher volumes of opens and clicks.

Sending to actively engaged Users first should generate healthy open and click rates shortly after emails hit the inbox.

Step 1.

First, send to the most actively engaged Users from the previous 18 months

Step 2.

Pause delivery for 2 hours (customisable setting) The delivery delay period in step 2 gets automatically overridden so that delivery resumes under the following conditions: • Delivery rate reaches 90% • Open rate reaches 20% • Click rate reaches 10%

Step 3.

Resume email delivery to all remaining Users

Advanced testing tools

Thorough testing give you better results from each of your email campaigns. All you need are the right tools and integrations – included in mmunicMail.

mmunicMail runs a complete set of validation tests against each email you build, flagging up any major errors and even areas for improvement. It even highlights the solutions for you.

Set up unlimited test users to take the hassle out of signing-off email designs. Feedback and approval is automatically captured in mmunicMail even if the recipient doesn’t have an account.

Test, test and test again! mmunicMail integrates with Litmus*, Email On Acid* and MailTester* to give you previews of your email in up to 90+ inbox types and check how deliverable your email is.

*Third party integrations may require a separate subscription.

Split testing (sometimes also called A/B Testing or bucket testing) lets you try out different elements of your email – such as subject line, heading or design.

Using a small portion of your list as the base for testing, mmunicMail will work out which version of your email performs better and distribute that one to the remainder of your list.

Manage your reputation

Take the headache out of following best technical practice for email marketing and stay on top of potentially damaging deliverability issues.

Ringfence and protect your email campaigns from your main domains with custom sending and click-tracking domains.

Keep on top of deliverability issues with automatic alerts from more than 80 blacklists.

Protect your sender reputation and remove the risk of your campaigns not being delivered due to bad activity from other senders in shared IP ranges.

mmunicMail handles automated complaints sent through AOL, Yahoo! and Microsoft Feedback Loops (also called FBL complaints).

All emails from mmunicMail are secured with digital signing and monitoring, ensuring any potential DKIM (DomainKeys Indentified Mail) and SPF (Sender Policy Framework) issues are highlighted to you, preventing risk of email spoofing.

Your Return Path Sender Score is reported every 12 hours for all dedicated IP addresses.