Integrate mmunicMail with your favourite apps and boost productivity.

Make more of mmunicMail’s features by integrating your email marketing platform with the apps you already love and use on a day-to-day basis.

Our powerful native integrations

Landing Pages & Forms

Create beautiful landing pages that add new people to lists and use automation to deliver timely, relevant and engaging follow-up emails.

Reporting & Analytics

Automatic tagging of links makes it easy to identify the impact email campaign response is having on goals, split tests and conversions.

Content & Video

Easily create personalised images, cross-channel personalisation, live content, basket abandonment triggers and countdown timers for use within email templates.

CRM Integrations

Export customised segments to improve targeting and response rates. Setup custom data extracts as email lists and pull back campaign delivery and engagement metrics to enhance future targeting.

Zapier makes it easy to automate workflows between mmunicMail and over 700 of your favourite apps.

Zapier is the simple way to integrate mmunicMail with hundreds of apps you know, love and use. You can use our Zapier integration to update your lists, manage your subscribers and trigger workflows based on data and activity that happens in another app, your website or social media.

Start workflows from any app

Add new customers from your CRM to your email lists, trigger welcome emails from your events portal, send follow up emails from your helpdesk or orders system – you can start a workflow from virtually any type of app you can imagine.

Use webhooks for custom signup forms

Zapier webhooks give you the power to integrate custom forms with your lists mmunicMail. This means you can let users opt-in to your email marketing list when they’re checking out of your online shop, at the end of surveys, or even manage their email preferences in their online account.

Simple, stress-free setup

You don’t need any coding knowledge to integrate mmunicMail with your favourite apps through Zapier. Building your own integrations takes minutes, with plenty of helpful testing points along the way to help you out.

mmunicMail's APIs give you unlimited development opportunities at your fingertips.

Our APIs make it easy to build your own custom integrations with any other app you can imagine, allowing you to establish custom rules for triggering workflows, managing your lists and users and even scheduling campaigns based on information pushed through from your other software.

Don’t have a developer on hand to build a custom API integration? No problem at all. Take advantage of our development team to bring your integration vision to life. Simply get in touch to request a project quote.


Send or schedule campaigns from other systems.


Automatically segment and target users using data held outside of mmunicMail.


Create and manage lists seamlessly, using data about your customer, users and leads.


Trigger workflows in mmunicMail based on activity in your other systems.